Join us to the modern violin teaching method


Listen and watch

The innovative methodology uses sound to teach sound, and action to teach action, turning silent scores into an engaging learning approach.


Improve practice efficiency

Maximise your practice efficiency by avoiding common pitfalls and practising correctly. With our expert video guidance, you can improve your skills faster and make the most of your practice time.


Bring a Virtual teacher home

Achieve effective practice sessions with a virtual teacher home. Help parents assist their children’s practice correctly and ensures they achieve their goals faster. Make practice at home easier and more enjoyable.


Play with piano accompaniment

Improve your child's violin playing and interest with high-quality piano accompaniment videos. Elevate their performance and enjoy music like never before.


Progressive learning approach

The progressive learning approach consists of six steps, gradually progressing from easy to complex concepts. It makes violin learning simple, intuitive, and enjoyable, instilling a love for the instrument, and making the learning process even more rewarding.


Extensive Video Library

Over 6000 well-structured videos and learning materials cater for students from preliminary to performing levels. Meticulously collected and edited scales, etudes and repertoires ensure an excellent learning experience.

Professor Zhang & Professor Hu

Professor Zhang's wife, Professor Hu plays piano for all videos recorded

Children's concert

Children from different countries/areas join in a concert together

Zhang Method

Access to modern technology and resources

Progressive Learning

Progressive learning through graded books

Parent involvement

Parents can help children at home

Violin Learning FAQ

Learn more about the violin learning

Students around the world

Ray Chen is among the most compelling young violinists today

Rising violin stars

Michelle Wang played with Heilongjiang Symphony Orchestra