The Zhang Method Benefits

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Benefits of the Zhang Violin Method in Teaching

  • Revolutionary teaching methodology: Using sound to teach sound and motion to teach motion, revolutionising the traditional teaching method of students reading the silent score.
  • Designed for easy and enjoyable learning: The six-step teaching process, from simple to difficult and slow to fast, ensures that learning the violin becomes simple, intuitive, and enjoyable.
  • Solves practice-related problems: Students no longer have to worry about practising alone at home or making mistakes while practising, as the video resources provided in the Zhang Violin Method system help them to practise more efficiently and effectively.  
  • Parental involvement made easy: The step-by-step learning video resources feature Professor Zhang, his wife, Prof. Jian Ming Hu, the piano accompanist and award-winning violinist, Mr Jiafeng Chen, providing great demonstrations and guidance for parents, making it easier for them to accompany their children's practice at home.
  • Piano accompaniment at your fingertips: The videos provide students with piano accompaniment, a key element in improving children’s performance level, at their fingertips, making it easier for them to learn and significantly improving their interest in playing the violin. 
  • Provides ensemble opportunities: The standardised tempo, bowing, and fingering in the video resources enable students to produce an excellent ensemble without much prior rehearsal, stimulating their passion for learning and satisfying parents.

Overall, the Zhang Violin Method provides a revolutionary teaching methodology that ensures easy and enjoyable learning, solves practice-related problems, provides piano accompaniment and ensemble opportunities, and significantly improves the learning situation of children. With this teaching tool, children are no longer practising alone at home but are accompanied by teachers, piano accompanists, and beautiful music, making their violin learning journey fulfilling and rewarding.


Join us in the revolutionary Zhang Violin Method, featuring innovative teaching methodology and comprehensive video resources. Whether you are a violin teacher or student, let's make violin learning more fun and accessible.