The Zhang Method Benefits

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The advantages of using these video documents in violin teaching

  • The methodology is using sound to teach sound, motion to teach motion, replacing the traditional teaching method of students reading the silent score. 
  • The teaching process has been designed from simple to difficult, slow to fast six steps. This ensures learning violin becomes simple and intuitive, easy and enjoyable.
  • Resolve the problem students don’t know how to practice alone at home.
    It also prevents many mistakes that potentially experienced by practicing wrongly at home. As a result, it improves the practicing efficiency and saved time. 
  • Provides a good assistant for the parent to accompany practice.
    Both Professor Zhang and his wife, Ms. Jian Ming Hu, the piano accompanist, and all the top demonstrating students, Mr. Jia Feng Chen and others can now ‘live’ in your house, accompany you to practice at any time. Parents don’t need to worry about how to accompany their children to practice anymore. They can help children practice with the help of these video documents.  
  • Resolve the difficulty of finding piano accompaniment.
    The piano accompaniment is a key element in improving children’s performance level. For amateur violin learners, to find a piano accompaniment at any given time is very difficult. The videos provide students with piano accompaniment at their finger tip. This also significantly improves the interest of learning violin.
  • Enabled students to have more opportunities to produce a nice ensemble without much prior rehearsal as the video documents provide the pieces, standardised tempo, bowing and fingering. This will stimulate the students’ passion for learning. And the parents also feel much more satisfied.

Since this teaching tool has been developed, children’s violin learning situation has been changed significantly.  Many parents have found children are no longer objecting to practice. Instead, they constantly request to play more. Because they no longer feel that they are practicing alone at home. Instead, they are accompanied by teachers, piano accompanist and the beautiful music. They no longer feel boring and pointless in the practice. They are fulfilled with interest and achievement. Unconsciously, over time their intonation, rhythm and musical sense have improved significantly. Interest is the best teacher. When children start to love something, they are not too far away from success. 


We wish the violin teachers and students can join us and benefit from these teaching methodology and resources professor Zhang has developed to make violin teaching more efficient and more interesting. 

Join us and make violin learning more fun.