What the Masters Say

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Yehudi Menuhin  

April 4, 1994 
"Mr. Zhang Shi-xiang is one of the greatest teachers of the violin in the world today. I have had repeated proof in the remarkable young violinists he has brought to the Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition in Folkestone over the years. He is a wonderful teacher for all ages, but his own particular delight is to train the young ones to whom he gives a solid basis, which will serve them for the whole of their lives."

Dorothy Delay

Violin Professor of Juilliard School of Music
April 14, 1991 
"I met Professor Zhang Shi-xiang during my recent trips to China in which I did master classes in Shanghai and Beijing Conservatories. I was very much impressed with Professor Zhang’s work. He is extremely intelligent and has a broad knowledge of teaching. His student Wang Xiao-dong came to study at The Juilliard School and I found him exceptionally well trained and possessing a broad spectrum of information. It has been a pleasure to work with him."
"I am very happy to recommend Professor Zhang. I think he would be a strong addition to any faculty."

David Cerone

President of the Cleveland Institute of Music 
March 21, 1991 
"I know Professor Zhang’s to be a most inquisitive mind, always in search of better methods of bringing more effective teaching to his students. His efforts in translating well know Western violin pedagogical treatises into Chinese is noteworthy. That his approach to teaching is successful is borne out by the number of national and international competition winners he has produced ( Menuhin and Wieniawski Competitions). Having heard his students perform, I can attest to the high level of technical and artistic mastery that their playing exhibits."
"The accomplishments of professor Zhang’s students have brought him many invitations to serve as a juror for prestigious international violin competitions (China National; Bach international; Wieniawski International; International West Germany). Such service, and the travel attended thereto, has kept him in touch with the current state of musical and violinistic affairs in the world. Professor Zhang speaks and writes well in English and would have no trouble functioning in an English speaking setting."
"He is a warm, caring mentor who commands the respe4ct of his students and colleagues. I do not hesitate to recommend him for a teaching position and/or department chairmanship, knowing that he will reflect nothing short of the most positive values upon nay school which is fortunate enough to secure his services."

Walter Verdehr

Professor of Music, Michigan State University 
November 27, 1989 
The level of his class is absolutely outstanding. He has had a number of successful prize winners in international and national competitions. He teaches the entire violin repertoire: I heard solo Bach, Vieuxtemps and Szymanowski among other works, played very well by his students. I also noticed that they had superb violinistic and musical training: excellent intonation, technical facility and beautiful sound and a fine grasp of the virtuoso violin literature. 
Mr. Zhang has also translated all “ The Way They Play” books by Applebaum and the book by Ivan Galamian into Chinese. He is a very knowledgeable teacher and artist and is considered to be on of the finest violin pedagogues in China. He has also served as juror on numerous international competitions.
I found Professor Zhang be a charming, friendly and an unassuming gentleman and he was most cordial and helpful in every way. In my opinion, he is one of today’s outstanding violin teachers and any school in the USA would be very fortunate indeed to be able to engage him as part of its faculty.

Zakhar Bron  

Professor of Lubek Higher School of Music
Professor of the Royal Higher Music School n Madrid
Professor of the Novosibirsk State Conservatories
Honored Art Worker of Russia
May 24, 1995 
"I know Prof. Zhang Shi-xiang as a wonderful colleague, Meeting him at the numerous International Competitions, working with him in the jury, I realized that he is a wonderful musician and professional."
"Playing of his pupils is notable for high professionalism, great masterly technique, musical talent."
"I consider Prof. Zhang Shi-xiang to be one of the best violinists’ professors of the world."

Robert H. Masters F.R.A.M.

President of the Yehudi Menuhin Inernational Competition
January 30, 1990 
"I have known Professor Zhang Shi-xiang and his work for the past 7 years. The results of his teaching I have both seen and heard in the many successes of his students in various International Violin Competitions where I was a member of the Jury."
"In addition, I have had the opportunity of observing his work at close hand during periods when I was a visiting Professor at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Both technically and musically his students are excellently prepared with an understanding of the different styles in Western music. Such an excellent teacher naturally attracts the best talent and remember hearing some outstanding young violinists aged between 6 and 16 years at Professor Zhang’s weekly Sunday Student concerts. These were arranged to give parents an indication of progress and to give the young violinists concert experience from an early age."
"I have rarely come across a teacher more dedicated than is Professor Zhang and I feel he would be a great asset to any music school or Conservatory, either in the East or West."

Eduard Gratch 

Professor of the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory
Peoples Artist of the USSR
May 1995 
"I Know Prof. Zhang Shi-xiang since 1991, when I was working for 2 months at the Shanghai conservatory as an invited professor to carry out the master classes. I had two pupils of Prof. Zhang at my class, who were talented, perfectly trained violinists at the age of 13, Their names are Zhi Sheng Li and Wei Wei Le. I played together with them at the concert with orchestra the concerto symphony by Mozart for violin and viola( I played the viola and the young violinist- the 1st movement was played by Zhi  Shen Li and the 2nd and 3rd movements were played by Wei Wei Le)."
"I know also about the great successes of these violinists at different International competitions. And now for the First International Competition for young violinist in Novosibirsk Prof. Zhang Shi-xiang brought a pleiad of excellent violinist- four are his pupils including Zhi Shen Li."
"I’d like to say the best words about fine teacher of young violinists and give the highest mark to Prof. Zhang Shi-xiang who selflessly and professionally trains a young generation of violinists."

David Buck 

Artistic Director IILMLA

July 19, 1997 
"He is tireless and dedicated o his students. The level of skill the student  brings makes no difference to him. He is as thorough and energetic for the least skilled and as he is for the most. His best student are young virtuosi who are comparable to the highest international standard."
"Professor Zhang is a valuable figure in the world of violin performance. Only a few teachers in the world can claim comparable success."
"The International Institute of Music Los Angeles will welcome his participation in its programs whenever he is available."