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Hiroaki Yura


“Dear Professor Zhang,
I’m currently working with the best studio pianist in the world (Randy Kerber - the pianist who did Harry Potter!), the best engineer (Stanley Johnston) at Warner Brothers Studio all due to the same reason stated in the message below.
Whatever we all do in life, we have all benefitted in all aspects of our lives thanks to Professor Zhang and my eternal respect and gratitude to my wonderful violin teacher. Thank you Professor Zhang and I hope you are doing well!”

Harry Ward 


“I have learnt so much from him, still do: he guides me every step of the way. Thriving on his energy from day to day, bring something new and exicintg to my life. From that I have grown, the world now not so tall and old and its wisdome is not so intimidating... now invigorating. Even though I now look down upon his older and wizened head... I met a man larger than life, still bigger than all of it...”


Rebecca Galeano


“My name is Rebecca Galeano and I am ten years old. I like Peter Zhang's method of playing a violin because I know what I play wrong. It is also fun. Practising with the video is very helpful. When you play a beat or a note wrong you can correct the mistake yourself. It also never gets boring! I Peter Zhang has the best method I have ever known. Best of all you have lots of fun.”

Alex Luk


“Professor Zhang is the best violin teacher, because he is a hardworking, never giving up teacher. He shows lots of courage, resilience and endurance. This has influenced me in my violin learning, he is the only reason why I am getting better and better at violin, he has made me feel stronger every day. Thank you Professor!”

Daniel Shao


“Prof Zhang can only be described by one simple word - Amazing. The teaching methods used by Prof Zhang are innovative and pushes students beyond their limits. He is extremely dedicated to his students, making each and everyone passionate and determined to learn or perform with greatness and pride....”

Angela Yuan


“Professor Zhang was an amazing teacher. He has his own special way teaching the violin and his teaching methods are very useful. I've learnt violin with him for four years and I've improved dramatically. I feel so lucky having a teacher like him.”

Harry Wang


“Professor Zhang has given me the confidence to step into the world of violin performance with my head held high, and that is something to be truly grateful for. He has taught me the importance of having a good work ethic, and this not only applies to my violin practice but to all aspects of life. It’s definitely a message to live by, and I feel inspired to work even harder through his encouragement and never-ending patience. I have made dramatic improvements to my technique and performance skills under his tutelage. Professor Zhang’s unique method of teaching means that I feel very well supported. Watching and playing along to his videos at home makes it seem as if I have my teacher with me at all times, and that is an amazing feeling. Thank you, Professor Zhang!”



“Professor Zhang has a special teaching way make child improve. Kim has made great progress since he learnt from Prof Zhang. He is not only playing violin, he learns to love music and learns to be a great musician ...”



“Alicia has learnt from Prof. Zhang for three years. These three years, she has achieved a great leap and well recognised by her school and many professional judges in various competitions. We feel so lucky having Prof. Zhang as a teacher. His tireless research in the violin teaching and great patient have impressed us all..”