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Alicia Poon

Alicia poon was born in Hong Kong in August 2004. She started learning violin and piano at four years old. From the early age, she has showed a keen interest in music. At the age of seven, she first joined the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Violin and Piano Competition and won the first prize and gold medal separately. The age of eight, she moved to Australia and followed the internationally renowned educator, Professor Zhang Shixiang. She has won the first prize in Sydney Peter Zhang Violin Competition in four consecutive years. Alicia is currently studying in one of the independent schools in Sydney. As a fourth-grade primary school student, she joins the high school Symphony orchestra and plays as the chief violinist. Due to her outstanding achievement and music talent, she has been awarded full scholarship in spite of her young age. Recently, she performed in the Sydney independent schools directors conference and received overwhelmed welcome and praises. She also performed in the Talent Concert organised by he former head of String ar Sydney Conservatorium, Ms. Chaardmian Gadd. Professor Zhang Shixiang said: "Alicia is one of the most talented students I've ever taught!"