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07:00AM to 11:59PM

The First International Zhang Violin Online Competition

The First International Zhang Violin Online Competition

The First International Zhang Violin Online Competition

Zhang Violin Multimedia teaching method utilises the modern technology in violin teaching and learning. The teaching video resources lead student efficient learning and practising. In order to have more teachers and students benefit from this teaching and learning resources, we would like to introduce the First International Zhang Violin Online Competition.

How to register 

The competition is open to all website users. If you are a member or a subscriber of the website, please log onto the online teaching centre, you can register the competition directly, then enroll to the competition there. If you are not yet a member or a subscriber, please go to Join Member and register as a member or a subscriber before proceeding to register the competition.

The participant can choose any one piece or one movement from the Violin The First 100 Days, Zhang ShiXiang Progressive Violin Repertoire Volume 1 to 8. The participant can register the competition and submit the video file before May 15th, 2020. The participant can only upload one video file and can re-submit the video file any time before May 15, 2020. The latest submitted video file is the only valid file for the competition.

Registration will be closed on May 15th, 2020.

The competition result will be announced online on June 20th, 2020.

Registration fee: AUD30

General Rules

Based on the actual register number, the competition will be in three groups – Junior, intermediate & senior age groups. You will receive the confirmation by May 16th, 2020 via email. Professor Peter Shixiang Zhang will be the chairman of judicators. Based on the participant’s intonation, rhythm, articulation, music expression and stage performance, judicators will provide report to all participants. Each group will have Gold, Silver, Bronze and participation awards. All participants will receive the certificate and judicator report. The gold award recipients will receive international judicator’s report and will have chance to participate the annual Sydney Zhang Violin Competition and concert.

All gold award videos will be published on the website and, zviolin-com Wechat account, Facebook and Youtube. The gold award students’ teachers will also receive the certificate of Excellence.

How to Record and Upload Video

The participant can play with the piano only video provided on the website and record his/her play using mobile phone or video camera. The player should face to the camera. The video file should clearly show the player's both hands' movement and body gesture. Please log on to the online teaching centre, the participant can upload the video file there. The parcipant can change piece or video file beofre May 15th, 2020. The recommended video file format is mp4. The submitted video file should be participant's own play. There should not be anyone else’s playing in the video submitted. The vidoe couldn't meet the requirements above could be disqualified. The disqualified video will not receive any report or marking.

The participant can re-submit the video before May 15th, 2020. Only the latest submitted video file is the valid file for marking. You can refer to the following videos as recording standard.