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During this pandemic lockdown period, Professor Zhang's students keep on learning via online lessons and practice at home with the video materials which Peter prepared for them. Here are some performances the students put together to celebrate the achievement of everyone's hard working.

Megan Ng - Kreisler Schon Rosmarin

Alice Wu - Kreisler Toy Soldier's March

Mijie Fu - Bohm Perpetual Motions

Joe Zhang - Bohm Perpetual Motions

Mijie Fu - Kreisler Siciliano Rigaudon

Vincent Huang - Kreisler Tambourin Chinois

秦涵颐 - Petit air varie - Charles Dancla

徐灏丞 - Küchler Concertino 3nd. Movement

Tim Zhang - Kreisler Liebesleid

Alice Wu - Dvorak Sonatina op 100 3rd

徐旻浩 - Küchler Concertino 3nd. Movement

Moyan Zhang - 100 Days page 60

Alice Wu - Accolay concerto in A minor

Grace Yu - Kreisler Scherzo - in the style of Dittersdorf

Mijie Fu - Etude Book 3 No 1

Victoria Wang - Bohm Perpetual Motions