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Fourth International Zhang Violin Competition Masterclass Series Commences with Prof. Jiafeng Chen's Inspirational Session

Friday, 4 August 2023

 The Fourth International Zhang Violin Competition has kicked off its highly anticipated Masterclass series with an extraordinary session led by the renowned violin virtuoso, Prof. Jiafeng Chen. The event took place on 3rd August, captivating the audience with an evening of exceptional musical prowess and captivating performances. The online masterclass provided an unparalleled opportunity for violin enthusiasts to witness the nurturing of young talents by a true maestro.

The first masterclass of the series featured three immensely talented young violinists, each performing a challenging and diverse repertoire under the guidance of Prof. Jiafeng Chen. The evening began with JiaYing Liu, who performed Huber Concerto in F Major. The second student, Victoria Wang, presented Mozart Concerto No. 5 first movement. The final performer, Teresa Yang, delivered a mesmerizing rendition of the challenging Korngold Violin Concerto first movement. Prof. Chen's guidance illuminated each performance, creating an inspiring atmosphere of learning and artistic growth.

The Fourth International Zhang Violin Competition Masterclass series has set the stage for remarkable sessions that promise to enrich the musical landscape and shape the young violinists' learning path.