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The Fourth International Zhang Violin Online Competition

Saturday, 11 March 2023

Modern technology provides highly effective teaching tools for violin teaching. Professor Peter Shixiang Zhang has published a series of violin teaching books and produced an extensive collection of video resources for step-by-step learning and teaching. These videos have been welcomed by many violin students and teachers, and their continued popularity and success prove that this new teaching method is highly effective. We invite all violin students and teachers to join us in this new way of violin teaching and learning and participate in the annual competition. 

How to register 

The competition is open to all website subscribers. If you are not yet a member or a subscriber, please register as a member or a subscriber before proceeding to register for the competition.

The participant can choose any one piece or one movement from the Zhang Multimedia Violin Method for Young Beginner,  Violin The First 100 Days,   Zhang ShiXiang Progressive Violin Repertoire Volume 1 to 8, Selection of Kreisler for Violin, Bach 6 Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin or Digital Violin Teaching Experiment (included in Senior Membership free resource, log onto the online teaching centre and check latest pieces provided)The piece entered for the competition should be selected from one of your subscription lists.

The participant should play with piano accompaniment, which can be the piano-only video provided by the website or your own piano accompaniment. Please record and submit the video to the online teaching centre by May 31, 2023 (Australian Eastern Time). You are allowed to submit the video twice; the latest one will be the one for adjudication. 

Registration will be closed at midnight on May 31, 2023 (Australian Eastern Time).

The competition result will be announced online on June 15, 2023.

Registration fee: AUD $45

General Rules

The competition will be grouped by the participant's age. (The final groups may be adjusted based on registration number.) 

  • Group A: born in 2018 or later
  • Group B: born in 2017
  • Group C: born in 2016
  • Group D: born in 2015
  • Group E: born in 2014
  • Group F: born in 2013
  • Group G: born in 2012
  • Group H: born in 2011
  • Group I: born in 2010
  • Group J: born in 2009 or earlier 


Professor Peter Shixiang Zhang and Charmian Gadd will be the chairmen of the adjudicators. Based on the participant's intonation, rhythm, articulation, musical expression and stage performance, adjudicators will mark and provide the report to all participants. Each group will have Gold, Silver, Bronze and participation awards. All participants will receive the certificate and adjudicators' report. The gold award recipients will receive extra international adjudicators' feedback and chances to participate in a series of masterclasses.

All gold award videos will be published on the website zviolin. cn and, zviolin-com Wechat account, Facebook and Youtube. The gold award students' teachers will also receive the certificate of Excellence and a year's free teacher membership. 

How to Record and Upload Video

  • We recommend the participant play with the piano only videos provided on the website. Alternatively, the player can play with their own piano accompaniment for video recording.
  • The video should be recorded in one take, and no editing is allowed. 
  • The player should face the camera and announce their name, the date of recording and the piece they will be playing at the beginning of the recording.
  • The video file should clearly show the player's both hands movements and body gestures. Please take a horizontal shot when recording. 
  • Please log on to the online teaching centre; the participant can upload the video file where you register for the competition.
  • The recommended video file format is mp4. The recommended resolution is 1920x1080 (1080p), and the max file size is 500 MB. 
  • The submitted video file should be the participant's own play. There should not be anyone else's playing in the video submitted.
  • The video that couldn't meet the requirements above could be disqualified. The disqualified video will not receive any report or marking.

A sample video recording below is for your reference.