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Selection of Kreisler for Violin subscription

AUD 60.00 pa

Selection of Kreisler for Violin

This collection was compiled by Shi-Xiang Zhang and published by Shanghai Music Publishing House in 2004 and printed again in 2020. This book includes violin and piano scores and the pieces are listed below.

1. Schön Rosmarin
2. La précieuse in the Style of Couperin
3. Malaguena in the Style of Granados
4. Andantino in the Style of Martini
5. Marche Miniature Viennoise
6. The Old Refrain
7. Scherzo in the Style of Dittersdorf
8. Andante Doloroso
9. Syncopation
10. Chanson Louis XIII et Pavane in the Style of Couperin
11. Liebesleid
12. Liebesfreud
13. Rondino on a Theme of Beethoven
14. Toy Soldier's March
15. Berceuse Romantique
16. Tambourin Chinois
17. Shepherd's Madrigal
18. Allegretto in the Style of Boccherini 19. Caprice Viennois, Op.2
20. Polichinelle (Sérénade)

Online subscription includes all pieces above which are broken down in 20 courses & 109 tutorial videos (The piano accompaniment only videos are not available for this book.). Subscribe now and practise with video tutorials.